Solar Energy Project Continues at DCS

The last solar panel on the main campus was installed during Christmas vacation and the system is now being tested for certification by Southern California Edison. We expect the system will be operational, supplying electricity, and reducing energy costs by the end of January. We appreciate the patience, cooperation, and support we have experienced. Our staff and families are fantastic! The construction supervisors have shared their appreciation and the “difference” between their experience at DCS and other solar installation sites. Thank you for letting “your light shine before men…” (Matthew 5:16).

Solar Arrays on the Main Campus will be Operational Later this Month

Now our attention turns to the high school campus. We will start “pre-construction” on Monday, January 16, when the underground construction crew will take advantage of the holiday to begin trenching work. This trenching work will continue for the week of January 16-20. This work will impact a few parking spaces (approximately 12-15) and the parking lot will function normally.
The real project (meaning very inconvenient!) will begin on Monday, January 30, and continue for approximately 8 weeks. The first two weeks of this will be very disruptive and will shut-down nearly the entire high school parking lot. We have spoken with staff and students to explain the plans and are offering some incentives to encourage people to walk, bike, or carpool to work. We will be providing a shuttle service between the high school campus and main campus before and after school. The schedule and details of this shuttle will be published later this month. We will receive a letter from the City of Lancaster authorizing parking on the Avenue J-8 frontage roads during the construction project in order to avoid parking tickets normally issued on street sweeping days. After the first two weeks, the construction crews will only block a portion of the parking lot daily, similar to their process on the main campus. This will still be very disruptive to our routines but will be less burdensome than the first two weeks. Incentives discussed with our high school staff and students will be offered during the entire construction project and we appreciate everyone’s patience, cooperation, and support. There is short-term pain in this process but the long-term gain is more than worth it.