New Research regarding ACSI Accredited Schools

The following summary is taken from The Seal, a newsletter published by ACSI, Volume 7, Number 3.
“The release of the Cardus Education Survey has provided Christian schools with some data that warrants reflection, discussion, and dialog (Pasadena, CA: Cardus, 2011). Ray Pennings, senior fellow and director of research at Cardus, will be a presenter at Leadership Academy 2012. ACSI, in collaboration with Cardus, asked for additional data that compared ACSI accredited schools with nonaccredited, other conservative Protestant schools and Catholic schools. The 390 pages of data from that study provide some interesting perspectives and make a strong case for schools to become ACSI accredited. The following are a few of the notable areas where ACSI accredited schools were highest in the category:
• Highest standardized test scores (2) – Catholic schools were second.
• Involvement in evangelism (7) – Other ACSI schools were a close second
• Historical and literary knowledge (40) – All schools were a fairly close second
• Second language learning (42) – ACSI accredited schools were significantly higher than others
• Appreciation for a liberal arts education (49)
• Love of learning (60) – Other ACSI schools were second.
• A close personal relationship with God (65) – ACSI accredited schools were much higher than others
• Common spiritual values uniting students (108) – All schools had close scores in this area
• Missions and social service outside the United States and Canada (129)
• Course requirements in all core subjects including Bible (152-161)
• Percentage of students in college preparatory (194) – Catholic schools were second
• Regular worship attendance of teachers (265) – Other ACSI schools were a close second
• Superintendents influencing policies and decisions (291)
• College recruiters visiting campus (327) – Catholic schools were second
• Adherence to a dress code (351)
• Students participating in athletics (354)
• Students required to take college entrance exams (357)”
There is more information being published in the next edition of The Seal. Meanwhile, take a look at that list again. ACSI accredited schools, like DCS, were highest in these categories! That’s an impressive list of documented strengths among institutions similar to Desert Christian Schools. Now you know!